The best waxes on your car Shine / Protection

The finishing or maintenance waxes are intended to accentuate the gloss of a paint and to obtain a perfect finish.

It also facilitates the next wash, because the dirt adheres less quickly on a smooth and protected surface.

The finishing waxes are very easy to use, they are usually in liquid spray, or hard pasta.

here are two types of protection:
Synthetic waxes (based on acrylic or polymers)
Natural waxes (based on Carnauba).

Synthetic waxes have a longer life than natural waxes, which they offer a higher level of gloss.

If you want to have shine and protection, we must direct you to "hybrid" waxes based on polymer and carnauba.

The use of products based on nano-technology makes it possible to have the best possible protection (very long duration).

These nano-polymers create a very strong and durable structure and thus, offer a "long-term" protection to treated surfaces.
Why protect a body?
By using a protective wax for your vehicle, you get many benefits:

- Dirt adheres slower on your body.
- The atmospheric aggressions are attenuated.
- Protection of the body against UV rays (discoloration)
- Your next wash will be facilitated.
- Increased brilliance of your body.

The protective wax facilitates your next wash, because the dirt adheres less quickly on the smooth and protected surface of your body.

The finishing waxes are very easy to use, they are usually in liquid spray, or in hard pasta.
What is the ideal wax for my car?

There is no ideal best wax for black cars.

We must choose its wax according to what we are looking for:
- Shine and glare
- Protection
- Both together
- Easy installation
- Liquid wax or paste

Once we have selected one or more criteria, it is easier to make a choice among the available waxes.

And do not forget that we are here, do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our experience to help you.

Liquid waxes.
NHP Finishing Wax Alchimy7 is a rich nanotechnology preparation (NANO-Protective Polymers) that will protect your car for 2 weeks.
Very fast to use with the foam lance. The Sonax Quick Wax Brilliant is used with a pad for shine and protection of your body. Softt99 Fukupika wax provides extra protection for your bodywork for 6 to 8 months.

Hard paste waxes.
Several hard waxes exist, we have selected the ones we use in our workshop.

Poorboys waxes for dark or light-colored vehicles last 2/3 months. Valetpro Marvelous Beading waxes put a little more emphasis on protection, between 4 and 5 months. Soft99 waxes: Protection with PTFE-based Fusso Coat 8 to 12 months for dark or light shades. Kiwami for extreme shine for 2/3 months. The Authentic Premium based on 20% carnauba, a very easy pose for a shine showroom for 3 months. Alchimy7 Crystalis wax with 60% ivory carnauba for all enthusiasts. Sublimate your car for 3/4 months.

What is the best city car in 2019?

The city cars are perfect for driving in town. But still it is necessary to know which type to choose according to your use. Here are the best city cars of the moment.

City cars are affordable and convenient cars, especially when you live in a big city every day. Initially imagined by Renault and its Twingo then, later, by the Smart, this type of car has conquered a place in the heart of French and European motorists who opt more and more for this type of car. The figures show it is the most sold segment in France thanks to certain advantages such as handling, ease of use and low consumption. But who are the best city-dwellers ?

Which city to choose according to your use?
The city car, or city car, is undoubtedly the most popular vehicle of the last ten years. A city car responds to a specific need: travel in urban areas, often short. If a city can quite have a motorization typical of a fighter, it should not be forgotten that this is not his primary goal. Indeed, among the main advantages of a city car, there is the fact that it is small, practical, economical and easy to drive. Moreover, there are different categories, as explained below.

Micro-city cars
The first category of city cars that can be found on the automobile market in 2018 is the micro-city car . As its name suggests, this type of urban vehicle is home to models of very small size in the manner of Peugeot 107 , Citroen C1 and other Smart . Their main interest: the ease of parking they present, they can sneak in every corner.

The versatile city cars
Some of the best city ​​cars are versatile city cars . More spacious than the first ones, they are also more complete, more robust and better equipped. Among the most famous multi-purpose city cars are the new Renault Clio , the Peugeot 208 , the Citroën C3 and the eternal Mini .

Sporty city cars
Product appeal that allows sports car enthusiasts to take their first step aboard a city car a little more nervous, small GTI are certainly a modest size, but they have under the hood. Dynamic and powerful, they allow drivers to afford rural getaways. The new Opel Corsa OPC and the Ford Fiesta ST are sporty city cars .

Hybrid city cars
Hybrid city cars use a motor that combines two types of energy: diesel or gasoline coupled to a power unit. With this type of city car, the user has the opportunity to save fuel. The main advantage of hybrid city cars is therefore economical, not to mention that these cars are also much more respectful of the planet.